Work with a purpose

Goals are the lifeblood of Develop.Me: they set expectations, promote conversations, reinforce values, and encourage every staff member to reach new heights.

Create goals, create growth

It's a simple premise: the more you value something, the more it grows.

  • Goals help pinpoint exactly what your ministry values.

  • Goals bring long-term focus to the daily actions of your team.

  • Goals make life intentional.

Goals guide your team toward unified outcomes

Ready, set, goal

Develop.Me allows you to set goals for campuses, specific teams, individual team members, or the entire staff. And because every goal is organized into one of two categories—Objective Goals or Value Goals—expectations are always clear.

Objective Goals

Objective Goals yield measurable, quantifiable, or tangible results.

  • Recruit eight new volunteers to the greeting team

  • Increase tithing among regular attendees by 15%

Value Goals

Value Goals yield growth in relationships, behavior, and culture.

  • Create a spirit of celebration among the staff

  • Engage in a mentor relationship with a more experienced team member